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Car tracker LCT006
Car tracker LCT006 Car tracker LCT006 Car tracker LCT006 Car tracker LCT006
  • Car tracker LCT006

  • item No : LCT006
  • major function:

    1, real-time positioning
    2, historical trajectory
    3. Electronic fence
    4, overspeed alarm
    5, vibration alarm
    6, off-line alarm
    7, remote petrol/power cut-off
    8, Low-power alarm
    9, power off alarm
    10, Remote setting

    main features:

    1, positioning mode: GPRS+LSB multi-mode precise positioning
    2, intelligent power saving, static sleep power saving design
    3, exquisite appearance and high concealment
    4, a variety of modes of work: rapid positioning, standard positioning, power saving positioning
    5, multi platform monitoring: support Android, apple systems, mobile phones and computers and other network clients
    6, global general

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Detailed description

1. Body
structure parts category specification remarks
Whole machine size 51*41*16mm
Packing size
Material ABS Plastic
Weight 20g
colour black
button n/a
screen n/a
gps antenna High sensitive ceramics active antenna
GSM antenna FPC antenna
SIM card type SIM
vibration sensor support
Waterproof IP64
I/O port n/a
2. Hardware parts
GSM Antenna GSM 4 Bands
Chip RDA6625E
GSM Bands 850/900/1800/1900
GPRS Class12, TCP/IP
Max. power GSM850/900  32±2 dBm ,  GSM1800/1900  30±2 dBm
Sign accuracy GSM850/900  -105 dBm,  GSM1800/1900  -107 dBm
Frequency error GSM850/900  ±90 Hz,  GSM1800/1900  ±180 Hz
GPS Antenna GPS
Chip MTK MT2503
Satellite model GPS
Frequency GPS L1  1575.42 MHz
Location Accuracy < 10 M
Speed Accuracy <0.1M/S
Timing accuracy <30nS
Tracking sensitivity —162dBm
Acquisition sensitivity —148 dBm
Location timing Cold boot≤32S   warm boot ≤1S
Rating charging DC 5V
Minimum standby current less than 0.5 mA
Average stndby current less than 2.5 mA
Average working current around 55mA
Temperature -20℃~70
Working humidity 5percent to 95percent non-congealable
3. software parts
software parts supported operating systems  Support android 2.3 and above system, IOS5.0 and above.
Language support Simplified Chinese and English Compatible with support for multi-languages
GSM+GPRS+GPS+wifi GPS+LBS+WIFI Multi-modal positioningOptional
support AGPS Cold start 26 seconds positioning
call function Voice monitoring (monitoring)
power management Ultra-low power consumption of power management,intelligent dormancy
Smart Geo-fence Outside the range setting can be automatic alarm
historical route Can check history of three months
wireless upgrading Software upgrade, remote debugging maintenance, remote setting parameters

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